Yo La Tengo - Live at the Vicar St. Theater - 85 min (incomplete)

Recorded live in Dublin, Ireland, 5/10/00


MD->CDR, thanks to the globetrotting Nick. Incomplete, but this is a master; youse takes what youse cans gets.

Audience yells "shut up!" at obnoxious guy. Ira comments "this could be the second consecutive night that a fistfight breaks out at one of our shows..." And later:

This next song is the one the fight broke out during last night, so, um, it occurred to us that it might be kind of like a good thing for our mystique if we had kind of a "Sympathy for the Devil"; you know, a song that stuff always happens when we did it...and so we don't codone or encourage violence in any way, so we hope nothing happens...but, if you've been sort of waiting for the opportunity, and you know you're not going to be able to wait 'til the end of the show to start something, we'd appreciate it if it happened during this song.
...and then they start playing the next song: "Tears Are In Your Eyes" <g>.

Some cuts (on master):

Is that a guy saying "worst episode ever" after "Night Falls on Hoboken"?

Michael Edmonson (edmonson@sdf.lonestar.org)