Yo La Tengo - live at the Empire Music Hall

Recorded live in Belfast, Ireland 5/11/00 - 87 min (incomplete)


MD->CDR (thanks Nick!). From a master, but a number of flaws. Small dropouts in several songs: Tony Orlando, Artificial Heart, Sugarcube, Deeper Into Movies. Some cut except for a few seconds: Lot G, You Can Have It All. "I Heard You Looking" has some dropouts and is finally cut midway through (waah!). Chatty audience during "Last Days of Disco" and "Our Way to Fall".

Slow, slightly mournful version of "From a Motel 6", very nice. The middle of "My Little Corner of the World" is whistled. A guy from the audience sings "Teenage Kicks". Final encore, "Tom Courtenay", missing altogether.

Ira describes walking around town that day: "anyone do any shopping at 'City Reptiles'?"

Michael Edmonson (edmonson@sdf.lonestar.org)