Yo La Tengo - live at WFMU - 45 min.

Recorded on 02/04/90


A really nice acoustic set; Georgia's vocals are prominent (a good thing). This is the show where Daniel Johnston phoned in and they do "Speeding Motorcycle" together, that track later appearing as a single. The lead-in chatter is missing (you can hear a little on Genius + Love = YLT) but this has the outro chatter and two more songs with Daniel! Many amusing asides during the show.

An early (pre-"new wave") organ is used to great effect: "andalucia", "emulsified", etc.

From a 3rd-gen tape; recording levels fluctuate and the Daniel Johnston tracks are pretty hissy (another source?)

Michael Edmonson (edmonson@sdf.lonestar.org)