Yo La Tengo - Live at WFMU - 59 min

Recorded live on 8/16/91


Ira & Georgia at WFMU, interview and playing acoustic. Unknown generation tape of FM broadcast, very good sound but some tape hiss. Call it A/A-.

Lots of small talk, with the occasional interesting tidbit. The interviewer starts out extremely sarcastic and impatient-sounding (opening question: "you're here because you have something to sell, right?"). He tries a few times to bait the band but is stymied by Ira's mild, reasonable responses:

  Interviewer: You still don't have a regular bass player, you still
               don't have an extra guitar player...I mean, is there no
               need for these things?  You don't have to split the money up
               with anybody, you don't have to share the fame with anybody?
          Ira: ...James McNew's been playing with us, and hopefully he'll keep
               playing with us...
  Interviewer: (cagily) He wasn't invited here today, I noticed.
          Ira: He's in Providence...
  Interviewer: (disappointedly) Mm-hmm.
But after a little while everyone relaxes and seems much chummier.

Funny anecdote about The Hoboken Twin movie theater:

  Ira: They renovated that theater a few years ago, and they washed the 
       swastika off the screen, and immediately raised the price to $6.
       Seemed like a pretty good deal.

Acoustic "Swing For Life" (!).

Michael Edmonson (edmonson@sdf.lonestar.org)