Yo La Tengo - Live at Cabaret Metro - 107 min.

Recorded live in Chicago, IL, 11/10/95

Setlist information courtesy of Rob


Crisp sound. An early appearance of the "ok girl now let's see what you can do" tape loop before "Flying Lesson". Small dropout at start of "Antmusic". "Tom Courtenay" is the "Camp YLT" version. Xylophonic (!) arrangement of "The Summer", with Mark Greenberg from The Coctails, dedicated to the Bonzo Dog Band...there's a YLT b-side that sounds very much like this version. James introduces Grand Funk's "We're An American Band": "Ira says it's time for the cowbell." 3 encores! Cool trippy ending to "Prisoners of Rock and Roll" closes the show.

Hearing "Attack on Love" made me wonder about some of the lyrics, and I found an interview with James, containing this question:


Hmm, let's see... I think I have one that qualifies as both best and worst. In early March of 1994 we opened a few shows for the Juliana Hatfield 3. The first night was in Dallas, at some godawful venue, The Lizard Hut or something along those lines. The audience HATED us. In a way I was kind of enjoying the set, and I thought we were playing well. At the quietest moment in the set, I believe between verses of "Nowhere Near," a teenaged (14 at most) girl said, in the sweetest drawl, "Hey man, y'all suck!"

Michael Edmonson (edmonson@sdf.lonestar.org)