Yo La Tengo - WFMU all-request session -

Recorded live in Hoboken, NJ, 03/08/97

Setlist information courtesy of Rob


Transferred from FM->hi-fi VHS master (thanks Rich!). 175 minutes unedited! Fab sound, about a minute of minor static starting at end of "Next Big Thing" (mostly affects fundraising chatter). Some quotes: Band pauses to adjust the mix during "Tail of a Star":
          Ira: If this is what's going out over the radio...
    Bruce [?]: This'll never make the box set.
After playing only part of "Cynical Girl":
  Ira: We'dve done more of that, but within this band, we're morally opposed to singing too many songs about hating TV.
After "Goldfinger": Ira: uhh...what else don't we know? James sings "I Fall to Pieces" (!), "Wanted Man". "He's a Whore", "I'm in Love With a Girl" (w/Georgia), "In the City", "Sloop John B", "One Million Kisses", "The Night Chicago Died". "One Million Kisses" -> "Like a Virgin" medley is inspired.

Nice more-or-less straight versions:

Particularly goofy: Hair-raising <g>:
Michael Edmonson (edmonson@sdf.lonestar.org)