Yo La Tengo - Planet Clare Acoustic Session - 14 min.

Recorded live for French radio, 03/19/97

Setlist information courtesy of Rob


Good sound, but some tape hiss. Sounds to be just Ira and an acoustic guitar. Yes, even "We're An American Band"! There are also a couple very good-sounding MP3s floating around (cleaner than this tape, I might add). The web site from which they were distributed has been shut down, but I have seen them on Napster, search for "aligre version":
  speeding motorcycle (aligre version) 1997 ira kaplan-yo la tengo.mp3

You can listen to some of this session in RealAudio, visit Helter Skelter at http://helterskelter93.1.free.fr/.

Michael Edmonson (edmonson@sdf.lonestar.org)