Yo La Tengo - Live at Maxwell's - 58 min

Recorded live in Hoboken, NJ 12/31/99 (early set)


Analog master->DAT->CDR. Thanks to Nick, the man who always seems to be in the right place at the right time (usually with a recorder running). Recorded on an Aiwa JS445 walkman w/Sony ECM-MS907 mic; auto recording levels.

After the 2001 theme opens the show to the frenzied kazooing of the crowd, the band takes the stage in full gorilla costumes. Sound is a little muddy and there is a lot of crowd chatter in the quiet numbers. But who cares: you can hear "Crying of Lot G" in lots of shows. The opening is not to be missed and the faster numbers are really high energy.

To ring in Y2K, Ira dedicates "The Crying of Lot G" to "all the planes falling out of the sky at Newark airport". Whistling accompaniament to "Here Comes My Baby". Unusual intro to "Saturday". Tape flip after "Autumn Sweater", first few seconds of "Sudden Organ" are cut. Some in the audience kazoo along enthusiastically to the crescendo of "Sudden Organ" (and who can blame 'em).

Michael Edmonson (edmonson@sdf.lonestar.org)