live Seam track of the month

The idea for this page lifted from a Velvet Underground fansite by way of the Galaxie 500 fansite.

Important note on downloading: the file links point to .zip archive files, which contain the .mp3s. The web server where the files are stored transfers .mp3 files as text, ruining them. This is because the maintainers of the server are either:

a) idiots, or
b) deliberately trying to hinder users from distributing .mp3s.
I'm on the fence as to which is more likely. Sorry for the hassle. In addition, I really can only have one file online at a time, as I am limited to a paltry 5 mb of storage. If anyone has any FTP space available please let me know.

To encode MP3s I use the Frauhofer encoder built into Cool Edit 2000, set to maximum quality and the highest bitrate I can use that will generate a file no longer than 5 mb.

So anyway...

Michael Edmonson (