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Rezrov is an Infocom game interpreter written in pure Perl.

Infocom's game data files are actually platform-independent 'z-code' programs written for a virtual machine known as the Z-machine.

Rezrov's chief distinguishing feature among z-code interpreters is its array of cheat commands. It also features limited support for speech synthesis and recognition under Win32 (listen to a sample MP3 of speech output).

The interpreter can run through any of several user interfaces, depending on the perl modules you have installed.

Here are some screenshots of rezrov running under the current interfaces:

Here are some screenshots Beyond Zork using character graphics (new in 0.16):

What's new

The interpreter

Here you can read the most current documentation, the README, or download the most recent distribution (released March 6, 2010): Rezrov is also mirrored in the CPAN in my directory.


Activision, holder of the Infocom copyrights, used to have Zork I, II and III available on their FTP site for free download. Alas, they seem to be gone now, I have no idea of their current legal status. You can still get them from Pete's Infocom page.

Projects incorporating Rezrov

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